Responsible Marketing Plan

At The Beach we have an ethos of conveying our point, message, plans, news, stories and to promote our business responsibly. We will develop our website to convey our message effectively and with clarity and focus to our customers.

We will make our website interactive, it will give the user the ability to book our rooms in real time, get immediate confirmation and clear details on costs of the services they have booked.

We will make our experiences available for booking online with details on what to expect from the experience and the information of the importance of conservation to our island and how your experience is important.

Will have an Eco section, in this we will display our environmental policies, green purchasing policies, impact our business has on the environment, conservation support and or Eco Tourism policy. We are members of the Irish Wildlife Trust, even though we burn some turf in the winter we are supporters of the Irish Peatland Conservation Council. We applaud the WWF and support their work on Oceans and Coasts.

We will constantly update our social media, we will use the Twitter, Facebook, Periscope and Pinterest platforms to inform our guests and potential customers of what is happening in the business and on the island on a daily business.

We will work with our partners on the island to promote their suite of experiences and offers on the island through our social media with the hope that a rising tide lifts all boats.

We will aim to reduce our print media usage in 2016, we will use online drivers predominantly and are also going to use radio as a means of promotion.

We will accurately describe what can be expected to be seen on our experiences, with wildlife watching expectations. Guests can after their experience donate to some of our conservation charities, and

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